Thursday, June 1, 2017

Adult Lead Spotlight :: Cathy Simko

Our spotlight is on Cathy Simko for this month’s newsletter! Cathy has been a great help to H4H this year through her participation as an adult lead for the Oak Ridge Even Club’s Women’s Committee, her presence as a representative at Parent Advisory Council Meetings, and continued support of Hands4Hope through her daughters’ involvement in the organization. Read on to learn more about Cathy’s experiences with H4H.

How long have you been participating with Hands4Hope?
I’m not quite sure. Maybe 3 years?

Why did you join Hands4Hope?  
[My daughter] Madeline is the one who found Hands4Hope, and I became involved because I think it’s important to support your kids through the activities that they are involved with. Turns out, Hands4Hope is a pretty awesome group!

What outreaches do you usually volunteer with? Which do you enjoy the most?
To be honest, I volunteer wherever Madeline tells me to. I’ve volunteered at various outreaches and my favorite so far was the community cleanup day with Grace Network at Grace City.

What is your impression/experience with Hands4Hope youth?
It always impresses me how the youth are so willing to get involved in outreaches. I love seeing the impact the outreaches have on them as they volunteer in activities that are outside their normal life.

Overall, what has your experience been like since joining?
My impression and experience with H4H is based on the influence and impact it’s had on Madeline, which is immeasurable.  H4H gave Madeline the opportunity to develop into a leader through participation in activities that she was interested in. I remember the first time Jen called Madeline to ask her to help out with something.  I don’t remember what it was, but it had such an impact on Madeline; that there’s another adult out there besides her parents who believes she has talents and gifts to offer.  And that’s what I love about H4H; that it recognizes youth can do extraordinary things if given the chance and support to succeed.   

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