Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ameshah Prabaharan

Dear Hands4Hope Supporters,

I want to share in my own words the impact I experienced being a part of Hands4Hope.  I am deeply grateful for the opportunities Hands4Hope has provided me throughout the years. At the start of high school, I was the person who was afraid to speak up in class. I hesitated to speak up and share my opinion, even among a group of friends. Freshman year, I decided to join the Hands4Hope Club at my school.

Joining Hands4Hope helped me discover the passion I have for helping others. My favorite project was Project Birthday. Every month we threw a birthday party for a group of kids living at an affordable housing complex. These kids normally don’t get presents, let alone parties or cupcakes. I realized how much I took for granted, and Hands4Hope really opened my eyes to what goes on in my community and how I can personally make a positive impact on those around me. 

During my sophomore and junior years, I took on more leadership roles within the organization. I began to step out of my comfort zone and gradually faced more fears, such as speaking up in a group setting. When it came to my senior year, I became president of the Hands4Hope club at my school. For the first time, it had felt natural to stand up in front of a crowded room and simply speak. If someone had told me years before that I would be president of a club, presenting to a group of 35, I would have never believed it.

Throughout the years, the opportunities I have received from Hands4Hope has helped me realize that my potential is far greater than I had originally perceived it to be. I learned that stepping outside of my comfort zone, taking risks and pushing myself towards new experiences helped lead to my personal growth. What I learned from Hands4Hope has carried forward in other aspects of my life. It has helped give me the confidence and drive to branch out this past year in college. I had built up the confidence to initiate conversations with peers, join new clubs, take on the position as a RA and even volunteer to present my speech first in a public speaking class.

Not only was I able to experience myself growing as an individual, but I was also able to see that transformation take place in those around me. There were students who could have easily gone unnoticed in the back of a classroom. However, when given the opportunity to do so, they were more than willing to step up and take responsibility. Everyone just needs a chance to do more, to grow and to realize their potential. Hands4Hope gave me my chance, and I am eternally grateful for those experiences that shape who I am today and who I will become tomorrow.
Ameshah PrabaharanHands4Hope Almuni

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